The Head is Sacrosanct

All clubs and coaches strive for the latest cutting edge technology, psychological profiling, new age tactics and the best physiological systems. Most clubs now employ rugby and wrestling coaches to improve their players defensive game. Tackling skills, quality, quantity, technique and effectiveness has gone to a new level and average game tackles have increased from 55 per game in 1995 to 107 today.

Coaches instruct their players to tackle and take their opponents to the ground, no give and receive handballs, however incidents that occurred over the weekend with Milburn {Gee.} / Edwards {Rich.} and Surjan {Port.} / Harvey {St.K.} have the potential to cause serious and permanent damage. The head must be sacrosanct and action had to be taken, Darren Milburn and Steven Browne {Carl.} / Porplyzia {Ade.} even though his charge slightly different had to be made examples of.

Jacob Surjan {Port.} very lucky with his verdict and should head straight to his nearest Tattslotto agency and purchase a pocket full of quick picks.

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