A Trip to Hobart with Kevin Sheedy

Speaking at a corporate function with Kevin Sheedy in Hobart this week was a fascinating experience. To hear Kevin’s views as we flew into Tasmania and discuss why the A.F.L. should play a home and away game for premiership points in Mumbai India - refreshing to say the least. He also talked about football 20 years ago - no Adelaide, no Fremantle, no West Coast, no Port Power, no Brisbane and no Telstra Dome and why Tasmania should persist and unite if they desire to be part of the A.F.L.

He is also writing another book and one chapter is about selecting the best Essendon and Richmond teams from the individuals he has played with and those who have been his assistants. Some players will be disappointed they are not in his team.

Kevin is very generous and has some wonderful qualities.  To watch him generate over $1000, for a very loyal mother who has a handicapped son following a horrific car accident, by auctioning a plate with a “texta” written selected side in positions comprising those who had been his assistant coaches over the past 27 years was amazing to say the least.

He is truly one of a kind.

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